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Tweets about #blackpanther from the release day of the movie to seven days later.
1.The most mentioned and significant words are black panther movie,Wakanda(an African country in Marvel),people, superheroes, like, look, congrats, Michelle Obama(who congratulated the movie team).
2.From the second picture we can see the correspondence of the most mentioned words. The green spots are director, look, know, congrats, team, young, loved, superheroes, entire, story, inspire… It can be inferred that people loved the story of the movie, found it inspiring, and congratulated to the movie team. The pink ones are black panther, rt, great, movie, marvel, wakandaforever, killmonger …So we may say that these tweets talked about the content of the movie. And the blue ones are I’ve, second, seen, year…so people may talk about “I’ve seen it on weekend. It is the best movie of the year ”or “I want to see it when I have time”.


Here are some graphs indicating how people on Twitter react about the newly released American movie Black Panther from the premiere day(2.16) to 2.22 by collating tweets mentioned #BlackPanther.
1.Tweet Type: most people mentioned this movie by retweeting other’s opinion or information


2.Most prominent tweets:The one gets most retweets is Michelle Obama,ex First Lady of America.And she congratulated the movie team for their great work.The second one is the lead actress, she got more retweets than the lead actor. The third one is the official account of this movie.


3.From User Activity chart,it’s obvious to find who are the most active accounts,but not very dominant.


4.From User Visbility chart,it’s easy to notice that as chart2 shows,ex First Lady and the official account are the most views accounts as well,which indicates that celebrities and building an official account may have a great influence the propaganda of the movie.

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